Sunday worship

10.30am every Sunday

Our aim is to be open community centred on Jesus, open to people of any age, nationality or background. Our worship events are informal. We are currently using the St James Primary School main hall. Children, toddlers and babies are valued as much as the adults who bring them and we seek to find ways to regularly involve and integrate them in what is happening. Young people are also very welcome and we love to discover their skills and interests so they can play an active part in serving the community.

What we do

We spend time together in worship, learning and sharing. We worship through music in a wide variety of styles. We are keen to understand how the Bible relates to everyday life and seek to apply what we learn in practical ways. We often have informal discussion groups in response to what has been presented that morning, sharing our ideas and thoughts, enriching each other’s knowledge, understanding and faith.

Children are especially welcome with children’s church several times a month, designed for primary-aged children. Visitors and newcomers are always very welcome!

Community lunch

Hospitality is valued in DNA, so on the third Sunday of each month the community holds a worship event designed to integrate the whole community, children and adults, to be followed by a bring and share lunch. Be prepared to have a plate with sausage rolls, middle eastern casserole, Spanish omelette and donuts – you never know what will be available! This is a good event to bring a friend to. The lunch takes place at 76 East Hill.


Creativity Sundays

The fifth Sunday (of any month that has one) is a time to be creative and have fun! A number of optional community building activities on the theme of the day are prepared and people choose one of these and work in a relaxed and enjoyable way alongside each other. Activities usually include Arts and Crafts, Music, Bible Discussion, Drama and sometimes Contemplative Prayer! The hope is that there is something for everyone. A fun event to invite a friend!

Children’s church

We recognise the inherent spirituality of children and their value in Jesus’ eyes, and seek to help them grow together in their experience and understanding of God and what it means to follow Jesus each day. We take the view that the children can also teach us, so are keen to listen to them and hear how they are responding to the voice of God.

The aim is to integrate the same theme and story as the adults,  encouraging family conversations at home. Designed for children of three to four years up to nine years, children’s church includes

  • Welcome and worship, with opportunity for each child to share and offer back to God prayerfully something they are thankful for or concerned about
  • A Bible story, retold in an interactive way, sometimes with puppets
  • Response to the story and theme, including simple informal discussion, and arts and craft activities
We meet at 76 East Hill, CO1 2QW. The old rectory, Colchester