Essex Free School Uniform

 The ESSEX FREE SCHOOL UNIFORM has been set up to help alleviate the pressure on parents by assisting with the cost of school uniform that can be accessed by a request through FOODBANK (and other partners) or direct through our email address

Given that January is a tough month financially for a lot of people we will also be able to offer as an official partner to Colchester Foodbank, foodbank vouchers. This will also work in reverse as Colchester Foodbank will be to process a request from them to us for uniform.

Whilst we will aim to meet all the requests as best as we can, our stock is reliant on donations. Also, ideally, we would ask that when applying for uniform if you have any old uniform that is to small that it be donated but this is not a requirement.

Our other partners and how they link in with the uniform project will be added below. For more information on Essex Free School Uniform or on the great work done by Colchester Foodbank you can click on the following links.

Colchester Foodbank

Essex Uniform Exchange