About DNA Networks

DNA Networks is a network of Christian communities based in Colchester, Essex. We are a simple organic church, operating through networks of relationships, and seek to welcome all into the community of faith in Jesus.

We began in 2001 as a church planting initiative and have developed into a vibrant community of faith with a wide range of mission units and informal networks overseas. We seek the dynamic of the Holy Spirit as we create and build communities of faith. Ours is a new expression of spirituality and mission, drawing from the wells of two millennia of living stories, embedded in Colchester and the UK.

Our mission is to embody and multiply the fingerprints of Jesus:

To bring good news to the poor
To heal the broken hearted
To set captives free
To release those who are bound
To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour

An open community centred on Jesus

DNA Networks is short for ‘Dynamic New Anglian Networks’. We are Bishop’s Mission Order of the Anglican Diocese of Chelmsford; however, our communities are made up of people from various denominations or those who have no particular background in any church.

A Bishop’s Mission Order is a relatively new instrument to give Fresh Expressions of Church a legal status within the Church of England. As a Fresh Expression Anglican Church, we share the values that underpin the faith of all Anglican churches:

  • Biblical – the Old and New Testaments reveal who God is
  • Sacramental – baptism and holy communion are outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual realities
  • Credal – the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds express the basis of what we believe
  • Accountable – to our bishops, Stephen Cottrell of Chelmsford and Roger Morris of Colchester and Ruth Pattern Archdeacon of Colchester.

We aim to be open and accessible to all. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the message of Jesus, curious to hear more, or new to the Christian faith. Whatever stage you are at in your in your life and your faith, we hope you’ll find DNA Networks a place to belong, grow, and connect with God and others.


DNA Networks’ purpose is to make disciples who make disciples who plant churches which plant churches. This is an organic process that happens naturally as long as we seek to be like Jesus.

DNA contains the genetic fingerprints of life; the fingerprints of Jesus reflect the identity and purpose of Jesus – who he is and what he came to do. The intention of DNA Networks is to embody and multiply the fingerprints of Jesus all over the place. We do this by creating an open community centred on Jesus, not closed cliques centred on us!