Bridgeway is a social enterprise with the aim of creating employment opportunities for people seeking work in the Colchester area.

This is achieved by providing training to unemployed DNA Networks’ Job Club members.

Bridgeway works closely with Colchester Borough Council, Christians Against Poverty and DNA Networks’ Job Club, and operates out of community development principles where innovation, participation and responsibility is encouraged and shared among everyone.

The Bridgeway team welcomes people from all backgrounds and helps them overcome the barriers they face in finding employment, whether they are single parents, highly skilled people lacking proficient English, refugees who have fled war-torn nations or people with health issues.

  • Christ-centred, compassionate, servant-hearted, truthful, courageous
  • Commitment to the ongoing transformation of everyone involved
  • Commitment to supporting one another and lifting one another up, practically and prayerfully

For more about Bridgeway, see their website.